# I. Intro:
Hey guys,
This is a crypto collectable project, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain.
The project was inspired by Cryptopunks, Cryptokitties and you guessed it, NiftyDudes.
We know that there are a lot of great collections out there already. At the same time, there seems an important category missing in the space: "Rappers". "Rappers", the fashion and artistic icons that have left a huge impact on culture with their unique styles.
Our project allows you to design and mint the swaggiest rapper in town.
# II. Supply:
Only 1969 CyberRappers could be minted - smart contract takes care of that. No two identical CyberRappers can be minted.
Whenever you mint a Rapper one of the items you are using is going to be removed. That doesn't happen every time you pick an item, but randomly, so it's harder to exhaust the supply of certain items deliberately.
Also, we as the creators reserve the right to mint a maximum of 40 Rappers restriction-free for giveaways and fun!
All 1969 CyberRappers will not be available immediately after launch. We are planning to do several drops.
# III. Rapper skills:
Every rapper is going to have the following skills:
1. Power
2. Respect
3. Wealth
4. Swag
5. Flow
6. Not giving a f*ck
Their skills are going to be determined once all the Rappers have been minted.
# IV. Naming:
Naming your Rapper is free except for the gas fee. The name can be changed multiple times.
# V. Cost
It costs just 0.2 Ethereum + Gas fee to mint a Rapper.
# VI. Storage:
All relevant images as well as the character generator itself are going to be stored on the IPFS.
You can always restore your dude by using the generator and the dude hash you own.